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When you have the screenplay and you have the funding, spending your money wisely is the next step to ensure a smooth shoot on budget.


If we aren’t casting for you already, we will help you negotiate with the talent agents and managers to assure the best rates.


Additionally, at Develop Your Movie we have our own RED camera packages and a Rolodex of crew members for every position as well as locations for any type of production, and affordable solutions for every situation.

We’ve been through it all!



Red Ranger Gemini Camera Rig Build:

-Red Ranger Gemini

-PL and EF body mounts

-7" Red monitor attached with Israeli arm

-ARRI VCT quick-release shoulder rig with Letus pad

-4 15mm rods

-Shape adjustable 15mm sleigh handle grips

-Wooden Camera Pro 3 stage 4x5.65" matte box with cloth donut

-Shark fin hot-swappable battery plate

-D Tap splitter

-5pin to dual 3pin XLR cable for audio

-Zacudo wooden top handle

-Zacudo 15mm rod adjustable arm for EVF

-Zacudo Chameleon EVF with cables


Red Komodo Camera Rig Build:

-Red Komodo

-RF to PL adapter

-RF to EF adapter

-Wooden Camera gold mount battery plate

-Wooden Camera 15mm rod mount baseplate

-Wooden Camera Arca Swiss top mount handle and monitor hinge

-2 15mm rods

-Wooden Camera b-box attachment for timecode and audio

-Wooden Camera Zip matte box with cloth donut

-5" Atomos Shinobi monitor with dummy battery to D tap adapter and BNC cable



-2x 480gb Red mags (Gemini Ranger)

-2x 521gb CFast cards (Komodo)



-Set of 6 Cooke Mini S4i prime lenses (PL): 18,25,32,50,75,100 T.2.8

-Sigma Art zoom photo lenses (EF): 18-35,50-100 F.1.8

-Canon L zoom photo lenses (EF): 16-35F.2.8,24-70F.2.8,24-105F.4,70-200F2.8


Filters (4x5.65):

-Tiffen Water White NDs: .3,.6,.9,1.2,1.8

-Schneider circular polarizer

-Schneider Hollywood Blackmagic 1/4


Goldmount Batteries:

-9x 90wh bricks

-3x 150wh bricks

-Quad charger



-15" 4K Seetec directors monitor with gold or v mount battery plate & AC power

-7" Atomos Shogun Flame monitor with Wooden Camera cage, wood handles, baby pin attachment and gold mount plate


Follow Focus:

-Tilta Nano follow focus system



-Teradek 500 Bolt XT wireless transmitter/receiver complete package


Camera Support:

-Secced V20 Production Tripod with center spreader and carbon fiber legs

-Dana Dolly set with speed rail kit and 2 low boy combo stands

-Movi Pro

-Easyrig Vario 5 with Stabil Arm

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