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 5 WRITERS              9 WEEKS



THREE - 2-HOUR sessions. ON ZOOM. 


Objective: Constant Feedback and Accountability from an Established Screenwriter/Filmmaker to inspire, guide and encourage any Screenwriter to finish what they start… and next, hopefully get it made!


WEEK #1: PART 1: Introductions on choosing the right concept and breaking down the story via an Outline/Treatment/Beat Sheet as well as a Pitch Deck.

PART 2: Silent writing assignment to challenge your potential (overseen by Rob, via Zoom).

PART 3: Closing Tips + Advice and Q & A with Rob.


WEEK #2: - Sharing each Treatment (outline/beat sheet)


WEEK #3:   10-15 pages


WEEK #4:   10-15 pages


WEEK #5:   10-15 pages


WEEK #6:   10-15 pages


WEEK #7:   10-15 pages


WEEK #8:   10-15 pages



 2 Hour Final Class: We will discuss the overall experience of the class and discuss next steps of getting your script produced.


*IF you miss a class Rob will give you feedback on your progress, however other writers in the group are not obligated and may only do so if they have time. 


*In good faith, Rob will be available by email to answer questions between sessions each week


*If you finish the course, you will walk away with a completed draft of your script

The room will be open 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. Please try to arrive at least 10 MINUTES before class begins as your host will give important information and upcoming events at this time. 

The only things you need are :

- Reliable Internet (Ethernet or Fast WiFI)

- A Laptop/Desktop computer is recommended (Phones/Tablets are doable)

- Quiet Room/Space

Instructions and the ZOOM link for access to this online event will be emailed to you in advance.

If you have not received the link by one hour before the event, please reach out to


If you have an emergency for a class you are participating in outside of these hours, please email us 


**Please keep in mind that all Seminars are for educational and professional development purposes. Participating in any class or event is not a promise of employment. 


Date is Flexible once we have everyone's availability!

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