Finding a bankable idea that will resonate with a wide range of people is essential to get a script produced. The reason why most independent feature film scripts don’t see the light of day has everything to do with the concept. A seasoned writer doesn’t need to sell a script, sometimes all they need to pitch is the concept to get a green light. Learn how.  


Once you have your amazing concept, the screenplay for every successful feature film, no matter how abstract it may be, contains 15 crucial beats within the story. Learning the significance of each beat in fine detail and identifying each beat before writing your screenplay will inevitably make it easy to write the script, or sell the fleshed out concept. 


Whether you are starting your first screenplay or you are a seasoned writer, you will leave this seminar with more confidence, knowledge, and ability to know what elements go into a bankable 2-5 page outline as well as a 7-10 page treatment which easily translates into a feature length screenplay. 

Price for Admission: $28 per person.


Please note: There will be no refunds. If you have a schedule conflict, please contact us to reschedule you to the next round of classes.