5 Secrets & Specific Tips

   to Lock an Investor

Everyday I’m asked: “How do you get your films funded?!” I need an hour to really answer this question. Plus, after the hour I know you’re going to have a question or two.  


There are two types of filmmakers, those who can’t find funding and those who can. Everybody wants to be the later type of filmmaker. There are many books on how to find funding and there are a lot of others who tell you their secrets. I’ve read all the books and I still to this day pay to hear out anybody else preaching on this topic. I can see why you, yes you reading this now still need guidance. At least hearing out everybody else out wasn’t enough for me. 


In addition to giving you 5 major options that have worked time and time again for me, I will also give you an overview of the industry and a checklist of items you must have in place before you are ready to look in a billionaires eyes and convince them that your dreams are worth writing a check for. 

Price for Admission: $28 per person.

120-minutes (2 hours long) 

Please note: There will be no refunds. If you have a schedule conflict, please contact us to reschedule you to the next round of classes.